E.B. White & Planning a Sunday Afternoon

I get up every morning determined both to change the world and to have one hell of a good time. This makes planning the day difficult. ~E.B. White

I started writing this blog with the good intentions of making it a technical piece, a nuts-and-bolts guide to something dealing with the business of writing. When I saw this quote, I knew that today was not the day to write such a thing.

As a (new) publisher, I like the idea that every morning is a new beginning, my “do-over” from the challenges of the day before. There is a whole new day ahead of me where I can make better choices and be creative and do something for someone else—even in my very own, tiny way. Maybe those things sorts of things don’t change the entire world, but it’s awfully nice to see the look on a writer’s face the first time they see their book in print!

There are also a lot of other good times that come with this new endeavor. I’ve met some amazing people I might never have met, attended events I might never have attended, and taken risks I might never have otherwise taken. Last Sunday alone, I spent a day with writers, musicians, artisans, and dozens of Fair Folk.

All this does make it tough to plan a day. I have a four-page to-do list on any given day and a calendar full of nearly illegible scribbles. Lucky for me, while I love having some routine in my life, I also thrive when no two days ever look exactly the same.

My plan for today? Spend some time with a few of my favorite little people, cross a couple things off of the ever-growing Cold Moon/Book Mark It to-do list, and let the dogs walk me before it rains. And maybe I’ll grab my tattered copy of Charlotte’s Web before I change the world.

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