What’s a blog, and do I really need one?

A blog, in it’s simplest form, is a place for you to share with the world what’s going on in your life.  In the past, these have been thought of as online diaries, but for authors, they can be an effective tool for creating and maintaining relationships with readers in a convenient, easy-to-manage way.  They can be used a number of ways.

First, this is a place for you to discuss your work.  You have the freedom to discuss current and pending releases in a personal, meaningful way.  With every blog entry, you have the opportunity to create an interest in your work through posts about your writing process, inspiration, or one of a million other topics that relate to the books you can or will have for sale.

Blogs help establish connections with your readers.  Yes, your readers will love hearing about your writing, but you can also carefully share information about yourself and your interests.  This can help you maintain relationships with your readers, and if your readers have a buy-in to an author, they are more likely to be return readers for your books.

With the advent of so many user-friendly blogging tools, writers now have the option of creating blog hybrids that allow the use of static web pages.  This combination simplifies writer’s marketing, since they can maintain the blog and website regularly and easily after the initial set-up of the pages. 

After the blog is established, there are a host of options available to the author to use the blog as a marketing tool.  Blog tours are a fun way to do a book tour without leaving the comfort of the living room.  Blogs can also be added to a number of online “yellow pages,” which allows new readers with an interest in the author, the book, the topic, or the genre to connect with the author with the click of a mouse.

Book Mark It Promotions offers authors the convenience of blog/site establishment and the option of maintenance. We can set up virtual blog tours that will put authors in touch with their target audience, thus increasing visibility and interest.  We can also help find those online yellow pages and post your listings.

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